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Crucial to micro business success
is to act like a micro business.
Monitoring and managing productivity
of your business is vital to the success and
growth of your business.

Most micro business owners are great at some tasks,
but they tend to not have formal training in how to
manage their business, or what to do, strategically,
to make them better and to get their
people to perform better.

Sales are one of the most important things
that a micro business should focus on.
Income generating activity is what pays the bills.
Working on sales and sales training is a
must for all micro businesses.

Training is vital to the growth of your business;
it keeps your team involved and motivated
to stay with your company and most importantly
productive enough to keep your business growing.

Join Canada's leading online small business training hub - MicroBizTraining.

Welcome to Micro Business Training - Your one-stop place to your business training

Why MicroBiz Training on Your Mobile Phone is the Secret to Dramatic Business Performance?

Enroll for START, RUN, GROW or SELL Your Business Training Program Now!

There are five critical issues preoccupying MICRO businesses today:

1. How to acquire and retain customers?
2. How to grow the business and increase profits?
3. How to increase creativity and productivity?
4. How to attract and keep talented people?
5. How to achieve these results to stay viable in today's fast-paced economy?

Introducing NEW Innovative MicroBiz Bite Size Lessons

MicroBiz Bite Size Lessons breaks the course content down into manageable smaller segments so that the lessons can be taken just-in-time to enhance the retention and allows time for you to process, learn and retain.

Why Bite Size Lessons?

Flexible 5 to 10 minutes Lessons - Easier to fit into your normal working day break time.
Mobile - Learn AnyTime, AnyWhere on AnyDevice with web browsing capability.
Cost Savings - Complete your training without travel and lodging cost.
Increase Retention - short lessons would have the same or more effect than whole day course.
Just-in-Time Practical - Pick the just-in-time lessons that are relevant to your need.
Self-Paced - Easy to learn without putting too much pressure on you to learn everything in one day.
Easily Managed - Shorter lessons gives you the ability to focus.
Social Media - Short interactive lessons allow you to share your learning with other learners easily.
Time SavingsComplete your training without large block of classroom, travelling time and tea/coffee, lunch breaks, or individual intro time.

Bite Size Lessons are available in the following categories:

Our Training Will Help You to:

• Identify hidden waste and costs
• Identify and eliminate broken processes
• Increase profit margins
• Increase customer satisfaction
• Increase your employees’ satisfaction
• Grow and expand your business

“Values-driven businesses are the most successful businesses”

“Successful people love to help others and share their experiences.”

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