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Introducing NEW Innovative MicroBiz Bite Size Lessons

MicroBiz Bite Size Lessons breaks the course content down into manageable smaller segments so that the lessons can be taken just-in-time to enhance the retention and allows time for you to process, learn and retain.

Why Bite Size Lessons?

Flexible 5 to 10 minutes Lessons - Easier to fit into your normal working day break time.
Mobile - Learn AnyTime, AnyWhere on AnyDevice with web browsing capability.
Cost Savings - Complete your training without travel and lodging cost.
Increase Retention - short lessons would have the same or more effect than whole day course.
Just-in-Time Practical - Pick the just-in-time lessons that are relevant to your need.
Self-Paced - Easy to learn without putting too much pressure on you to learn everything in one day.
Easily Managed - Shorter lessons gives you the ability to focus.
Social Media - Short interactive lessons allow you to share your learning with other learners.
Time SavingsComplete your training without large block of classroom, travelling time and tea/coffee, lunch breaks, or individual intro time.

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