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Online Compliance Training for Micro Businesses

What is it?

Compliance training refers to the process of educating employees on the laws, regulations and company policies that apply to their day-to-day job responsibilities. An organization that engages in compliance training typically hopes to accomplish several goals:

1. Avoiding and detecting violations by employees that could lead to legal liability for the organization

2. Creating a more hospitable and respectful workplace

3. Laying the groundwork for a partial or complete defense in the event that employee wrongdoing occurs despite the organization's training efforts.

Consider how many of your employees are able to resolve issues such as sexual harassment much less an act of violence. Are your management and employees able to resolve conflict, manage diversity, violence, and address harassment and violence with sensitivity, promptness and discretion?

Compliance training is not only legal obligation; it also makes good business sense to do business with honesty, integrity, ethics and code of conduct.

Non-compliance destroys the work environment. The anxiety and frustration experienced by employer and employee can impact not only quality of life but also of productivity. Ultimately, the employer pays the high price associated with poor employee morale, low productivity, and the cost of legal challenges.  In comparison, fees spent on prevention training are substantially less than the costs associated with claims and lawsuits.

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