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Online Finance Training for Micro Businesses

What is it?

Financial management is a strategy that combines the elements of financial planning, financial control and financial decision making to achieve the key objectives of:

• Creating Wealth for the business
• Generating cash
• Providing adequate return on investment bearing in mind the risks that the business is taking and the resources invested.

Why is it important?

Financial management is essential to ensure that enough funding is always available at the right time to meet the needs of the business. At the same time it is critically important to ensure that the company’s funds and other assets are being used efficiently and that the assets are secure while monitoring the actions of management with respect to the best interests of the shareholders.

The financial decisions of the company are dependent on the financial management process. The measurement and analysis completed as part of the financial management process give management the information needed to make intelligent decisions with respect to investment, financing, dividends, human resources and marketing.

Why sign up now?

No company can afford to waste money or opportunity. Becoming more effective in financial management by increasing your skills and knowledge is an investment that will not only pay for itself but will produce immediate dividends. There is no reason to wait!

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